30 MILE Black Hills CrossFit Edition


Aug 20 2023

30 MILE Black Hills CrossFit Edition

*1 Male or 1 Female
*Team of 3 (30 Miles; team of 3 males OR females)
*Team of 6 (30 Miles; team of 3 males AND 3 females)

The event: Wrapped around the 30 Mile Lean Horse Ultra Marathon.  Teams will start with a Black Hills CrossFit movement. After the first movement is completed the first runner will proceed to the First Aid Station. At each aid station there will be a movement and once completed the next runner will move on, and so on until the last runner crosses the finish line. All movements will be released in May before the race. This is when your team can decide who will run which legs of the race and who will do each challenge. For teams of three, each teammate must complete two legs of the race, and two of the CrossFit movements. For teams of six, each teammate must complete one leg of the race, and one of the CrossFit movements. The movements will be chosen from standard Black Hills CrossFit movements. Each team will receive one competition t-shirt per athlete with your chosen team name on the back. The event will begin at the Custer track, proceed through the Mickelson Trail, turn around at the Hill City Aid Station, and end back at the Custer track.

Awards: Top three female, male, and mixed teams will receive a Champion Award for each teammate. All athletes that finish the event will receive a Finisher’s Award.

Schedule: Packet pickup starts after the 100 Mile runners take off, Saturday August 19th at 12:15PM, lasting until 4:00PM at the Custer YMCA. The race starts after the 20 Mile and 30 Mile runners take off Sunday August 20th at 8:10AM. There will be heats starting every 10 minutes until all teams are out on the course. All teams are anticipated to be on the course by 9:30AM. We will try to put the fastest teams in the first events to help spread out the runners. All teams will need to cross the finish line by 8PM to qualify as a finishers.


Aug 20 2023


8:00 AM - 8:00 PM




Custer YMCA, Custer, SD
644 Crook St, Custer, SD 57730
Lean Horse 100


Lean Horse 100
(605) 209-8509

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