4th Annual Immortal 32 Ruck


Mar 03 - 04 2023

4th Annual Immortal 32 Ruck

What: 75 Mile road march from Gonzales, TX to Alamo

When: March 3, 2023 1:30am

Where: Start at Gonzales Memorial Museum, 414 Smith St. Gonzales, Tx 78629

Finish at Alamo


This event is a fundraiser, we are raising money for Jason Ullo. Jason is a combat veteran, SWAT team member and a friend. In August of 2022 his wife gave birth to his first child.  In October of 2022 Jason was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. There is a link to our donation site down below.


The cost of this event is $200 per person. This covers the support vehicle and the hotel room. Any profits will go to the benefactor.

This event is designed to test you mentally and physically over a long distance. It’s an old-school self-support style of putting your body, your mind and your gear to the test. This is meant to be a tough event. 

Other details:

This is not a race. This is a group event where teamwork will be needed. We are only as strong as our weakest link. 

Not everyone is going to finish.

There is no weight requirement for this event. The only weight is the gear you carry. Your nutrition and water is your responsibility. There are stores along the way for supplies, but some are 15+ miles apart in the beginning. You will need some form of nutrition and water.

If you haven’t started following us on social media, now would be a good time. We are @immortal_32_ruck, I will post a video on Instagram showing the load out that I use. 

To officially sign up you can pay $200 thru Venmo (@ogdenwoodworks)

Main POC: Terrence Odgen, ogdenwoodworks@gmail.com

There are no aid stations. You will be in charge of your own nutrition and hydration. 

For nutrition, my personal goal is to get 100-200 calories per hour. It is critical that you put in fuel. 

There are gas stations and convenience stores along the way but selection is limited. 

The first store is around mile 16 and the second is around mile 25. After mile 25 there are stores every 5-8 miles. 

I highly recommend carrying a first aid kit. I pack mole skin, tape, ibuprofen, blister lancing kit, alcohol wipes and other typical first aid stuff. Bring knee wraps and ankle wraps if you think you may need them. They will come in handy. 

I use an injinji toe sock liner with a thin wool sock over it. I bring 3 pair of each. One set on my feet, 2 sets in the ruck. A fresh pair of socks is a huge moral booster. 

On March 2nd we will be staying here:

Microtel Inn

2019 Water Street

Gonzales, Texas 78629

For all who stay at the hotel, we shuttle you to the starting point.

Our starting point for the ruck is:

Gonzales Memorial Museum

414 Smith St

Gonzales, TX  78629

We officially start the ruck at 1:30am on March 3rd.

I will link the strava map from last year’s event in this email so you can see the course. There may be small changes to this year’s route, but you get the idea. 

Our pace last year was about an 18-20 min mile. That pace will increase during the night depending on the health of the group. 

We carry several flags while we ruck. They are all flags from the Texas revolution. Not only do they represent what this ruck is all about, they are also used for safety. Carrying the flag is an honor but also a burden. You will carry a flag at some point during this event. 

This is a hard event. Your feet, ankles, and knees will take some abuse. 

Be prepared. 

Once night hits, the game changes. That’s when it will get tough. You will have blisters. You will have aches and pains. You will probably hate me at some point for coming up with this ruck. 

Be prepared. 


Mar 03 - 04 2023


1:30 AM - 6:00 PM




Gonzales Memorial Museum, Gonzales, TX
Gonzales Memorial Museum, Smith Street, Gonzales, TX
Terrence Odgen


Terrence Odgen

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