Central Florida Spartan Race Hurricane Heat H3X Weekend


Dec 09 - 11 2022

Central Florida Spartan Race Hurricane Heat H3X Weekend

H3X is a Global Hurricane Heat Event held at exactly the same time in multiple locations around the globe!

The H3X at its core is a Hurricane Heat, but instead of being a single event on a certain date, it’s all three Hurricane Heats rolled into a three stages of a synchronized event in several locations around the globe! Every event will follow the same event plan.
Beginning as a Hurricane Heat , H3X will then go into a Hurricane Heat 12 Hour and for those that want to go to the finish, a Hurricane Heat 24 Hour. H3X is currently the only Hurricane Heat 24 Hour event offered.
Initially you pre-register for the event/stage you wish to complete. However, you can choose to continue at the end of your originally selected stage if you wish to go longer.
It’s your gamble, if you don’t finish at minimum the event/stage for which you pre-registered, you will not be considered a finisher or receive a finisher medal. If you pre-register for an event/stage, then continue to a longer event/stage, you will only receive the finisher medal for the longest event/stage you complete.
It’s all or nothing. You do the event you think you can do. You are welcome to stop at the end of the tier you think you can complete, but there is no going back. Once you commit to the next tier, you’re precisely that and the usual rules apply – you either finish or you don’t.
Naturally, you can go ahead and register right away for any event/stage you think you can finish – we just thought you might like playing the game! Should you wish to continue, you will be billed for the distance you complete. Bring your credit card for billing post event.

Hurricane Heat

This extreme event began in Hurricane Irene in 2011, when weather was so brutal all races were shut down. Spartan put out a call: all those hard enough to face the storm, show up on race day. Most didn’t, a few did; and the Hurricane Heat was born.

Hurricane Heat is a mainly team-based event designed to take your mental and physical capabilities to new limits. Expect grueling physical tasks, problem solving, leadership challenges, as well as solo performance tests under extreme conditions.

Personal evolution is the goal of Hurricane Heat. There are no medals here. However, those strong enough to finish a Hurricane Heat will take home some highly sought after swag. The shirt says you’re one in a select club of Spartans worldwide.

Each Hurricane Heat is entirely unpredictable, so ensuring your all-round functional fitness is as good as it can be by event day is key to a successful and enjoyable event. Distance running and marches with a weighted pack are excellent prep, as is bodyweight loaded workouts featuring squats, pushups, dips, burpees, and jumping jacks.



Dec 09 - 11 2022


8:00 PM - 8:00 AM


95 - 505


Skipper Ranch, Sebring, FL
8621 W Josephine Rd, Sebring, FL
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