GORUCK Star Course 75 Miler: Washington, DC (BETA)


May 19 - 20 2023

GORUCK Star Course 75 Miler: Washington, DC (BETA)


GORUCK Nation you asked for it and now we are going to make it a reality! For those seeking a greater challenge, ultra-distance, who want to push themselves to go the extra mile, in this case an extra 25-miles, here it is the first 75-mile Star course. You not only going to see stars, but a sunset and maybe a sunrise all in one event. GORUCK is proud to announce the first 75-mile ultra-rucking event. We are going back to where it all started with our first 50-mile Star Courses in our Nation’s Capital. We will start at 15:00 pm on Friday and hope to see all those that start end on Saturday at 17:00 pm.

  • 75+ Miles
  • Teams of 2-5 or as an individual/solo participant
  • 10 or 20 lb Ruck Plate on your back depending on your body weight, it’s called rucking
  • 26 hours to complete

Finishers earn the GORUCK 75-Miler patch, which will never be for sale.


You as a solo participant or you and your team of 2-5 (including you) show up at the Start Point. A GORUCK Cadre will issue you a list of waypoints. The route you and your team choose will be your own, so choose wisely. The minimum distance possible will be just over 75 Miles. You can expect to see the best sites in your city, and you can expect at least one long movement taking you to the outskirts, and possibly beyond. Prior to starting the clock, we’ll ensure that you make a successful comms check with our remote support team via text message. At each waypoint, you’ll be responsible for texting a picture of your team. This will serve as verification of your mileage, and by the end you’ll have a great album of photos to document the experience.

NOTE: This is not a Cadre-led event and there are no push-ups or smoke sessions.


  • The course will be at least 75 miles. You and your team can hit the waypoints in whatever order you want (good strategy helps).
  • Teams are between 2-5 participants. If and only if the rest of your team withdraws or drops for whatever reason, you can continue solo. If you hit all the points under the allotted time hack, you’ll earn the patch. You are not eligible for any prize money. If this happens, we recommend you link up with another team if possible (you’ll still have to text your own pics) to make it more fun as a shared experience. To be clear, though: you have to hit all the waypoints under the time hack to earn the patch.
  • Weight Standard: If you are under 150 lbs, carry a 10 lb weight and if you are over 150 lbs, carry 20 lbs. Each participant will have a 10 or 20 lb Ruck Plate (or equivalent in non-consumable weight) in their rucksack at the start point. GORUCK Cadre will verify weight at the end of the event and spot check as needed
  • Keep your Ruck Plate (or equivalent) per participant with you at all times. You may cross load with your buddy/team members as desired. · You are required to text a selfie with you and your teammate(s) in the picture at each of the waypoints listed on your waypoint sheet (which you’ll receive at the Start Point).
  • Purchasing food along your route at any time is authorized.
  • Meeting outside individuals is allowed (re-supply etc.). They may not physically aid or assist your movement in any way, honor code in effect.
  • No method of transportation is authorized except rucking.
  • Follow any additional instructions given by the Cadre or rules written on your waypoint sheet.
  • Obey all traffic laws (and all the other laws, too) while participating.
  • Call 911 with any real-world emergency. We will provide a phone number on your waypoint sheet for GORUCK support questions.
  • Cut-off time: 26 hours to earn the patch.

Team members are required to register individually, but approximately 10-days prior to the start of the event a team registration/individual registration form will be sent to all participants. You are responsible for forming or finding a team of 2-5 ruckers.


  • Ruck Plate, 10 or 20 lbs (or equivalent)
  • Rucksack (Rucker or equivalent)
  • Reflective Ruck Bands (or equivalent) on your rucksack
  • Headlamp (+ extra set of batteries)
  • Smartphone with external battery (at least 1 external battery per individual)
  • Photo ID and $20 cash (just in case)
  • Water
  • Hand Sanitizer/Wipes – 1 bottle Purell, 1 package of baby wipes (or equivalent)


  • Source Hydration Bladder, 3L
  • Nalgene Bottle
  • Food (lickies and chewies)
  • One extra pair of socks
  • Waterproof Bag
  • Strobe Light


If you come in under 26 hours, you and your teammates earn the patch. If you don’t, there’s always next year.

It’s about the journey, and finishing is a noble and worthy goal. But for those kindred spirits who want a little healthy competition, we’re offering some GORUCK cash prizes for the winners.

GORUCK Store Credit (redeemable at goruck.com), per division:

  • · 1st Place team: $400 / Individual: $250
  • · 2nd Place team: $300 / Individual: $200
  • · 3rd Place team: $200 / Individual: $150

Everyone earns a beer (and a hug) at the finish. We’ll see ya there.


  • Refunds are permitted at least 30 days prior to the event date
  • Transferring registration to a different participant is not allowed


May 19 - 20 2023


3:00 PM - 5:00 PM




Washington, DC
Washington D.C., DC


(904) 372-0184

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