GORUCK Tactical Level 3 – Night Fire – Advanced Rifle


Apr 29 2023

GORUCK Tactical Level 3 – Night Fire – Advanced Rifle

Simply put bad things happen at night. Night Fire – Advanced Rifle will teach you how to be as effective and confident in shooting at night as in daylight. Our Cadre will instruct you on the tactics and techniques of night shooting in order to bring you to a level of shooting where you are more comfortable, and confident with your firearm in a low-light or no-light situation. You will learn the fundamentals of adjusting to ambient light, intermittent light and artificial light source. You will be instructed on how to safely and accurately engage targets through low-light/no-light target discrimination, flashlight/gun light techniques, such as moving from a place of light to darkness. Our Cadre will explain and physically demonstrate each course of fire prior to each drill. All of the firing drills are based on real world scenarios and designed to fire at various distances, various positions, and single shot or rapid-fire engagement. You will learn low-light/no-light strategies that will better equip you to react to an overt act of violence and basic movement and search techniques at night.

Night Fire is an advanced rifle course and is not recommended for beginners. We recommend the Counter Terror Rifle course prior to Night Fire – Rifle if you are a beginner.

Due to the space and safety requirements needed to conduct these events the ranges may be up to a two hour drive from the city listed. Please keep this in mind when making lodging arrangements.

The duration of this course runs 5-6 hours.

All GORUCK Firearms Courses and Events utilize scenario based training which is incorporated into dry practice prior to any live fire. All participants will practice target identification and discrimination, movement, weapons manipulation, and other dynamic drills with the cadre and others. These drills will be facilitated with inert weapons enabling a safe and realistic training environment. Both pistols and rifles will be rendered inert with barrel/chamber blocking plugs. Further, each student must fully participate in dry practice prior to commencing live fire.

What to Bring

Recommended Items

  • Magazine Speed Loader
  • Gun Oil
  • Tac Hat
  • Additional range/firearms gear is good, there is always a GRT in need
  • Reflex/Red Dot Optic, not magnification (Rifle Only)
  • Pistol with an OWB holster, magazine holder, and two pistol magazines

Additional Information

  • Firearms Training utilizes semiautomatic pistols or AR-15 platform, however, we offer custom classes on any and all small arms.
  • Shooters who display weapons proficiency will by challenged by the Cadre to increase their skill level by various methods. This will not have an impact on the overall conduct of the class.
  • At this time we are unable to transport weapons in to New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and California. If you’re event is in either of these states you will need to provide your own weapon. The single exception is Lake Tahoe, CA because the range used is on the Nevada side of the border.

Event Cancellation Policy

  • Refunds are not allowed for this event
  • Transferring registration to a different participant is not allowed
  • Store credit in the amount paid for the registration will be issued if requested more than 30 days before the event (NO EXCEPTIONS)

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Apr 29 2023


5:00 PM - 11:00 PM




Okeechobee Shooting Sports, Okeechobee, FL
7055 48th St NE, Okeechobee, FL


(904) 372-0184

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