Sep 19 - 23 2023



Step into the ultimate backpacking experience – HIGHLANDER. Experience fall in Montana while exploring the Flathead National Forest.

Spend a few days exploring Montana’s wide-open spaces, through forests to high alpine meadows with iconic vista views of Glacier National Park, Flathead Lake, and the Bob Marshall Wilderness. During the HIGHLANDER Kalispell journey, you will be able to reset, refresh, rejuvenate, and take in the clean mountain air and the views along the trail one step at a time. One new memory at a time. One new friend at a time. At each checkpoint, feel the energy from your fellow HIGHLANDERs and the festival vibe of the event at the checkpoints by joining educational lectures, yoga classes, book presentations or simply sitting under the milky way sky, listening to live music playing into the night. Experience pure bliss and solitude if you choose, or hike alongside a new friend through the Flathead National Forest. Challenge your body and mind while becoming the first HIGHLANDER Kalispell. From summiting a peak to reaching clear mountain lakes, you will leave with an unforgettable feeling as a HIGHLANDER.

HIGHLANDER Kalispell, Montana offers two different formats:

  • HIGHLANDER Hercules, a five-day journey
  • HIGHLANDER Ogden, a three-day journey

The course meanders through vibrant colorful forests that are changing seasons, to reach mountain tops to experience alpine meadows and vista views that will forever leave an everlasting impression. Keep an eye out for wildlife such as elk, eagles, bears, or even a moose!

Sleep under the stars, dreaming of the day you just had and where the trail will be taking you tomorrow. Sleep and hike worry-free while the Organizers provide logistical support such as camping spots, food rations, and navigation). Only HIGHLANDERs understand what it means to experience an Adventure of a Lifetime. Get out of your comfort zone while allowing yourself to grow through the guidance of nature.

Be ready for an Adventure of a Lifetime – become a HIGHLANDER!

1. When is the event?

HIGHLANDER Hercules Kalispell, Montana is from September 19 to 23, 2023.

HIGHLANDER Pegasus Kalispell, Montana is from September 21 to 23, 2023.

2. What are the distances?

HIGHLANDER Hercules Kalispell is approximately 60 miles, 5-day hiking experience.

HIGHLANDER Pegasus Kalispell is approximately 30 miles, 3-days hiking experience.

3. What is the cutoff time?

This is a hiking adventure, not a race.

HIGHLANDER Kalispell, CA event finishes on September 23, 2023.

4. How do I enter?

To enter the event, complete the registration form on the event website and submit using the REGISTER NOW button. Payments are made online only using a debit or credit card. Capacity is limited, make sure you don’t miss your slot and register now for the Adventure of a Lifetime!

5. How much is the entry fee?

Below you can find the Individual entry fees for each format. All prices have a + 5% Active.com platform fee.

HIGHLANDER Hercules Kalispell, Montana

  • Early Bird: $539 USD
  • Regular: $ 719 USD
  • Last Call: $ 809 USD
  • More information here.

HIGHLANDER Pegasus Kalispell, Montana

  • Early Bird: $359 USD
  • Regular: $ 449 USD
  • Last Call: $ 539 USD
  • More information here.

6. What is included in my entry fee?

  • Food package and water at campgrounds
  • HIGHLANDER Ranger on campgrounds
  • Camping Gas Cartridge
  • HIGHLANDER ID – detailed itinerary showing checkpoint (with dedicated checkpoint stamp areas)
  • HIGHLANDER Maps – detailed maps of the route
  • HIGHLANDER Map Cover – waterproof cases
  • Hiker tag, Luggage tag, and other Kit items
  • HIGHLANDER Merino wool bandana
  • HIGHLANDER Certificate
  • Educational and leisure activities
  • Infrastructure provided at the start, finish, checkpoints, and along the route

7. I have not received the confirmation e-mail – where can I find it?

The confirmation email is automatically sent after submitting payment. Check your inbox and spam folders, and if confirmation is not found, please contact usa@highlanderadventure.com.

8. How do I change my personal details (address, e-mail…)?

If this is your first time registering for an event on the Active.com platform, you will create an Active profile. Here you will have access to all registered events, and you can edit some of your personal details.

  • Log in to https://myevents.active.com.
  • Scroll through the list of registered events
  • Choose “Edit Registration Information”
  • Make changes to custom questions etc.
  • Save changes

If you need to change other information (such as an email address), please contact usa@highlanderadventure.com.

9. Is there a minimum age to participate?

Minors are permitted at the event with a parent/guardian. Please download the document attached below, complete the document with the necessary information and save it as a PDF. Once the parent/guardian is registered, please email the PDF to the organizer at usa@highlanderadventure.com and request further instructions on how to register a minor.

Consents for Minor to participate:

10. What is the venue address?

The event is situated in Kalispell, Montana.

11. What do I need to do during the event week?

On the week of the event, you will need to check in at registration and pick up your Participant Kit there.

12. What is the Onsite registration procedure?

All participants must register in-person at the event before the start to collect the Participant´s Kit and food. We do not send out the Participant´s Kit by mail. You will also receive an email with Registration Check-in information one week before the event.

13. Can someone else register for me?

No, all participants must come to Registration in person during open hours for the Registration Check-in and to personally sign the event waiver.

14. What nutrition is available during the event?

All information regarding food provided by the organizer is sent to participants the week of the event. You can read more about food & drink here.

15. What type of clothing should I pack?

Temperatures in the Flathead National Forest in mid-September are between 59° F (15° C) and 50° F (10° C). Weather is typically a cloudy sky with high humidity and high chances of rain. To be safe, we recommend you prepare for all types of weather as well as you can.

16. How difficult is it to stay on the trail?

Most hiking trails in the Flathead National Forest are well-marked, but some short sections of the route have some less-traveled paths where you need to stay more aware of your bearings. It is important to follow markers and official hiking trails. Always keep a map on hand and follow the signposts to stay on course and arrive safely at your destination.

17. What weather conditions should I expect?

Temperatures in the Flathead National Forest in late September are between 59° F (15° C) and 50° F (10° C). Weather is typically a cloudy sky with high humidity and high chances of rain.

18. Can I bring my dog? 

Of course! Your dog must always be kept on a leash. See more here.

19. Can I sleep in mountain lodges or huts? 

No. Sleeping is only permitted in tents and in sleeping bags which are required HIGHLANDER gear for all participants. Mountain lodges and huts have limited space and could not accommodate all HIGHLANDER participants. Sleeping in a tent is a special experience and one of the best parts of a true hiking adventure.

20. I have never hiked, but I feel physically ready. Can I register? 

Of course! HIGHLANDER is not for professional hikers and mountaineers only. It welcomes nature lovers hungry for activity and adventure. HIGHLANDER is very safe and not overly challenging but some hiking experience is required. We suggest starting a training plan in the months before the event.

21. How can I best prepare for HIGHLANDER Kalispell, Montana? 

All participants should be physically prepared to tackle the route smoothly. We recommend 60-120 miles of light hiking in the months before HIGHLANDER to prepare for the trail. Above all, you must be able to carry a heavy backpack (practice with 11-15 lbs and increase gradually to 33-37 lbs). Make sure you can walk comfortably in your hiking shoes and break them in prior to the event.

Find more information in the getting ready section.

22. Do I need to bring my own food? 

We all have unique eating habits and feel full at different rates therefore if you need to bring your own food depends on you, your body, and your diet needs. We offer enough water and 3 meal packages per participant per day. You can choose between a meat and vegan diet, the vegetarian and gluten-free options, however, are not available. You choose your diet preference during the registration process.

23. Do I have to stop at each checkpoint? 

You have to collect all checkpoint stamps. Checkpoints are open at specific times. Note Hercules and Pegasus formats have different CP schedules. Staff will stamp your HIGHLANDER ID. Outside staff working hours (or similar), you will stamp your own ID.

24. Do I have to set up my tent close to checkpoints? 

Bivouacking is allowed only inside the designated bivouacking camps.

25. What if I have gear trouble?

Checkpoint staff is trained for such cases. Feel free to consult them with any gear malfunction or similar issues.

26. Will you be providing transportation to the start? 

No. For ways to come to the start please see Travel & Accommodation section.

27. I will be staying in Montana after the event. Will HIGHLANDER provide transportation to my next destination after the event?

No. Any other transportation arrangements are your responsibility.

28. Is there cellular service on the course? 

There is spotty coverage for most of the course.

29. Are hiking poles a good idea? 

A great idea!

30. Can I share my gear with other participants? 

Yes. Participants sharing equipment must inform the organizing staff at Registration Check-in -Event week. Gear that can be shared includes the required tents, compasses, and first aid kits. Participants sharing the required gear must cross the finish line within a time difference of no more than 30 minutes from the first to the last group member.

31. Will you be designating sleeping areas? 

Designated bivouacking sites are on the Checkpoints for each HIGHLANDER format or in close vicinity, and you are required to camp on these sites.

32. What do I receive when I complete HIGHLANDER? 

If you complete any distance of HIGHLANDER successfully, you will receive a HIGHLANDER Pin, Patch, and Certificate.

33. Will HIGHLANDER take place in the event of bad/inclement weather?


34. I have a specific diet. Will vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free options be available at checkpoints? 

There is a specific field in the registration form that includes diet preferences. You can choose between a meat and vegan diet, the vegetarian and gluten-free options, however, are not available.

35. Transfer/Withdrawal/ Deferral process:

Please find all relevant information here.

36. Who do I contact regarding event photos?

Please contact usa@highlanderadventure.com for any questions related to photos.

37. Where can I sign up to volunteer?

Link for more information and registration is coming soon.

For additional questions, please contact usa@highlanderadventure.com.

38. Is there a location for Lost&Found items?

During the event week, please speak to staff members about any lost or found items. After the event, please contact usa@highlanderadventure.com.

39. How can I contact the event organizers?

You can contact us via email at usa@highlanderadventure.com.


Sep 19 - 23 2023


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Kalispell, MT
Kalispell, MT



HIGHLANDER is an ultimate hiking event, also known as an adventure of a lifetime, that takes you on a journey that's over 100 km long. On all HIGHLANDER routes, you can see the most beautiful sceneries, visit some of the most breathtaking and iconic mountains and live like real HIGHLANDER for a few days. What makes HIGHLANDER a truly unique experience is the fact that all participants go through the same HIGHLANDER route, and every single one of them has its own unique experience and story at the end of their adventure of a lifetime

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