HIGHLANDER Kamnik Savinja Alps


Aug 30 2023 - Sep 03 2023

HIGHLANDER Kamnik Savinja Alps

HIGHLANDER Hercules Kamnik Savinja Alps is 100 km long hiking event. You will discover new paths, villages and springs of fresh water, from Mozirje to skiing resort Krvavec. Discover Slovenia, a hidden beauty and perfect destination for green, healthy and active holidays.


We are so excited to welcome the HIGHLANDER Adventure series to Slovenia for the third year! In 2022 we introduced a second route, KAMNIK SAVINJA ALPS, in addition to the Julian Alps. We have carefully chosen a route that you will enjoy – participants in the year 2022 gave a straight 10 to the Attractiveness of the route!

If your goal is to hike for 100km in 5 days, HIGHLANDER Hercules is the right thing for you! I feel Slovenia HIGHLANDER Hercules Kamnik-Savinja Alps is here to help you with this adventure! You need to carry your gear (including a sleeping bag and tent), but we will deliver food and water, and a bit of entertainment to the route.

Please read carefully the information on this website, join us on social media, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions.

After the HIGHLANDER, extend your trip around SLOVEnia as our country is a NATURAL PLAYGROUND FOR AMAZING ACTIVE OUTDOOR ADVENTURES. Slovenia is the only country in Europe where 4 geographical worlds meet, which reflects in stunning natural beauties: we have the mountains, the rolling hills, the coastline, the lakes, and even caves. This astonishing diversity of terrains makes Slovenia a perfect natural playground for active holidays and experiences, 365 days a year. What is more, the great outdoors is also the reason why this central European country is the homeland of so many world-renowned athletes, who amaze with their achievements on a global level. Did you know that Slovenia was among the top countries according to the number of medals won per capita at the Games in Beijing? Or that world’s best cyclists call it home?

Please read more HERE

We look forward to meeting you in Slovenia <3




ONLINE INFORMATION DAY will be held in February or March 2023, more info on our Facebook page


  • Webinar: Physical preparation of hikers
  • Webinar: Equipment, survival and behavior in nature
  • Webinar: Nutrition of a hiker

1. When is the event?

HIGHLANDER Hercules Kamnik-Savinja Alps will take place from 30.8. – 3.9.2023.

2. What are the distances?

HIGHLANDER Hercules Kamnik-Savinja is a 100km long hiking experience that lasts 4 to 5 days.

3. What is the cut off time?

This is a hiking adventure, not a race. So you can walk as long as you like, but check the working hours of the checkpoints.

The opening hours of the checkpoints can be seen under tab Checkpoints.

4. How do I enter?

To enter the event, you have to complete the registration form we have on the event website: REGISTER button. Payments can only be done online with a debit or credit card.

Capacity is limited, make sure you don’t miss your slot and register for the adventure!

5. How much is the entry fee?

You can register for the event with the individual entry fee or register as a group and get one free entry (Group Registration 3+1).

All prices have a + 5% Active fee.

6. What is included in my entry fee?

Please check the web site: Information desk/Getting ready.

7. I have not received the confirmation e-mail – where can I find it?

The confirmation email is automatically sent after doing the payment. Check your inbox and spam folders. If you don’t find it please contact slovenia@highlanderadventure.com

8. How do I change my personal details (address, e-mail…)?

If it is your first time registering for an event with the Active.com platform, you will create your Active profile. Here you will have access to all registered events, and you can edit some of your personal details.

  • Log in to https://myevents.active.com.
  • Scroll through the list of registered events
  • Choose “Edit Registration Information”
  • Make changes to custom questions etc.
  • Save changes

If you need to change other information (email address for example), please contact slovenia@highlanderadventure.com

9. Is there a minimum age to participate?

Minors at the event are permitted, always with a parent/guardian. Please download the document attached HERE, fill in the document with the necessary information and save it as a PDF. Later, once both registrations (adult and minor) are done, please log into your Active.com profile and upload the consent for minors (PDF document). You can go to your account by clicking on “my events” on the confirmation page of the registration process.

10. What is the venue address?

START: Mozirje

FINISH: Krvavec

11. Travel & Accommodation:

Please see Travel & Accommodation tab under Information.

12. What do I need to do before start?

Before start you will need to do the registration check-in and pick up your Participant Kit.

13. What is the onsite registration procedure?

All participants must register in person at the event prior to the start to collect the Participant’s Kit and sign the event waiver.

We do not send out in the post the Participant’s Kit.

You will receive an email with all the information one week before the event.

14. Can someone else register for me?

No, all participants must come to Registration during the opening hours for the Registration Check-in. Each participant must sign the event waiver.

15. What nutrition is available during the event?

Please see Food & drink tab for details.

16. What type of clothing should I pack?

Make sure you have clothes for cold and wet weather and also for hot summer days. Showers, fog patches, strong winds, and long periods of sunshine are only a few weather conditions to expect.

Prepare for all-weather as well as you can.

17. How difficult is it to stay on track?

Most hiking trails in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps are marked very well.

It is important to adhere to markers and official hiking trails. CHECKPOINTS with trained staff are 20-25 km apart. Always keep a map in hand and follow the signposts to stay on course and arrive safely at your destination.

18. What weather conditions should I expect?

All-weather types!

Specially in September, when summer is saying good-bye you might see anything from rain or sleet to summer temperatures of 25ºC. We recommend you check the weather forecast daily.

19. Can I bring my dog?

You can. Your dog must always be kept on a leash and you have to bring food for them.

20. Can I sleep in mountain lodges, huts or private accommodation?

NO. Sleeping is allowed only in tents and sleeping bags that are required HIGHLANDER gear for all participants. Mountain lodges and huts have limited space and could not accommodate all HIGHLANDER participants and therefore it is prohibited.

Sleeping in a tent is a special experience and one of the best parts of a true hiking adventure.

21. I have never hiked, but I feel physically ready. Can I register?

A minimum hiking experience is required. HIGHLANDER is not for professional hikers and mountaineers only. It welcomes nature lovers hungry for activity and adventure. HIGHLANDER is safe and not overly challenging. We suggest starting a training regimen in the months leading to the event.

22. How can I best prepare for HIGHLANDER Hercules Kamnik-Savinja Alps?

All participants should be physically prepared for tackling a 100 km hike smoothly, that is app. 20km a day. We recommend 100-200 km of light hiking in the months leading to HIGHLANDER to prepare for the trail.

Above all, you must be able to carry a heavy backpack (practice with a 5-7 kg and increase gradually to 15-17 kg). Make sure you can walk in your hiking shoes and break them in prior to the event.

23. Do I need to bring my own food?

It depends on you and your body. We all have unique eating habits and feel full at different rates. We will provide a total of 15 meals per participant. Food will be available at checkpoints and is prepared for the average adult person’s needs.

24. Do I have to stop at each checkpoint?

Yes, you have to collect all checkpoint stamps.

Checkpoints are open at specific times. Staff will stamp your HIGHLANDER ID. Outside staff working hours (or similar), you will stamp your own ID. You can leave the checkpoint immediately after receiving your stamp.

25. Do I have to set up my tent close to checkpoints?

YES; at checkpoints, there will be place to sleep. If you cannot reach the checkpoint, you can bivouac outside of checkpoints.

26. What if I have gear trouble?

Checkpoint staff is trained for such cases. Feel free to consult them with any gear malfunction or similar issues.

27. Will you be providing transportation to the start?

Yes. Please read TRAVEL & ACCOMMODATION INFORMATION section on our web page. Private transportation arrangements are allowed.

28. I will be staying in Mozirje area after the event. Will HIGHLANDER provide transportation to my next destination after the event?

No. The Organizer will only provide transportation to the HIGHLANDER start position. Any other transportation arrangements are your responsibility.

29. Is there a cellular service on the course?

In general, yes. There are however areas not covered by cellular service.

30. Are hiking poles a good idea?

A great idea!

31. Can I share my gear with other participants?

Yes. Gear that can be shared includes tent, gas/gasoline/alcohol cooker, compass, first aid kit. Participants sharing gear must reach checkpoints and finish within 30 minutes apart.

32. Will you be designating sleeping areas?

Designated bivouacking sites are at the checkpoints. You should camp on these sites.

33. What do I receive when I complete HIGHLANDER?

If you complete HIGHLANDER Hercules successfully, you will get a HIGHLANDER Hercules Pin, Patch and Certificate.

34. Will HIGHLANDER take place in case of bad weather?


35. I have a specific diet. Will vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free options be available at checkpoints?

There is a specific question in the registration form.

Vegetarian options will be available at all checkpoints. Vegan and gluten-free options will not be available

36. Side Events:

More information coming soon.

37. Withdrawal/Transfer process:

Please see Tansfer and withdrawal policy tab.

38. Who do I contact regarding event photos?

We will be publishing photos during and after event on social media; Facebook and Instagram.

39. Where can I sign up to volunteer?

Please contact slovenia@highlanderadventure.com

40. Is there a location for Lost&Found belongings?

During the event week: please ask the staff members.

After the event: please contact slovenia@highlanderadventure.com

41. How can I contact the event organizers?

You can contact us via email at slovenia@highlanderadventure.com


Aug 30 2023 - Sep 03 2023


All Day


175 - 265


Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Slovenia
Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Zgornje Jezersko, Slovenia



HIGHLANDER is an ultimate hiking event, also known as an adventure of a lifetime, that takes you on a journey that's over 100 km long. On all HIGHLANDER routes, you can see the most beautiful sceneries, visit some of the most breathtaking and iconic mountains and live like real HIGHLANDER for a few days. What makes HIGHLANDER a truly unique experience is the fact that all participants go through the same HIGHLANDER route, and every single one of them has its own unique experience and story at the end of their adventure of a lifetime

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