HYROX Cologne


Apr 15 2023

The time has come – HYROX is finally coming to the Rhine metropolis Cologne. And not just to Cologne – HYROX is organizing the world’s largest indoor fitness competition exclusively at FIBO 2023 for the first time. HYROX will be the first exhibitor at FIBO to have an entire hall for itself! How awesome is that?

FIBO is the world’s largest trade show for fitness, wellness & health and the place for innovations, investments and trends: the decision makers of the entire fitness industry, aspiring entrepreneurs, studio operators from numerous countries, trainers, healthcare players and the global fitness community meet at FIBO in Cologne. The perfect place for HYROX!

The absolute highlight for all HYROX participants: A weekend ticket for FIBO is included in the ticket price!


On Sunday April 16th the full focus is on the RELAYS (women, men, mixed).
A unique relay-setup will provide a special atmosphere in the HYROX arena.

If you want to sign up for a relay or take part in the HYROX Gym Relay Championships or the HYROX Corporate Relay Championships visit this page.

What is HYROX? (Scroll down for the weights!)

It’s your new global fitness race for every BODY! Around the world athletes compete in the same race, on the same course and each event will host up to 3,000 participants. The competition starts with a 1 km run, followed by 1 functional workout repeated 8 times. This combination of functional exercises and endurance makes HYROX unique yet still attainable for people from varying athletic and fitness backgrounds. Participants wear a timing chip and will receive an individual finishing time, with comparable results through our Global Rankings across all events (Singles or Doubles), divisions (HYROX Women/Men, HYROX Pro Women/Pro Men) and in each age group.

Each season culminates with the World Championships where the athletes with the fastest times from each division in each city go head-to-head.

HYROX is the perfect competition for everyone who works out every week. Are you a team athlete, a runner, a triathlete, an obstacle racer or a Crossfit enthusiast? Or are you a fitness freak and the gym is your playground? Then HYROX is your sport! Go beyond your limits individually or with your doubles partner.

Sign up as a doubles team with your gym buddy, best friend or partner and race in the HYROX Doubles Division – men/men, women/women or a coed team. You and your teammate race together tag teaming each workout. This means you can support each other and split up the workouts as you choose, based on your individual strengths.


  • 1 km Run (=0,62mi)
  • 1000m SkiErg
  • 1km Run
  • 4x 12,5m Sled Push (75kg/165lbs)
  • 1km Run
  • 4x 12,5m Sled Pull (50kg/110lbs)
  • 1km Run
  • 80m Burpee Broad Jump
  • 1km Run
  • 1000m Row
  • 1km Run
  • 200m Kettle Bells Farmers Carry (16kg each side)
  • 1km Run
  • 100m Sandbag Lunges (10kg/22lbs)
  • 1km Run
  • 75x Wall Balls (4kg/9lbs)



Apr 15 2023


9:00 AM - 6:00 PM


99.5 - 104.5


Messe Köln, Köln Germany
Cologne Fair, Messeplatz 1, 50679 Köln, Germany



HYROX - The Fitness Competition For Every Body Join one of the HYROX Events and find your next challenge in 8k Run and 8 Workouts. Be part of the Fitness Competition and compete in one of the cities in Europe or the US!

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