Montane Dragon’s Back Race


Sep 04 - 09 2023

Montane Dragon’s Back Race

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?
The Montane Dragon’s Back Race® is a legendary 380km, 6-day ultra running journey through Wales.
From Conwy Castle to Cardiff Cardiff, enjoy spectacular scenery, amazing camaraderie and first class support on this once in a lifetime adventure!
Not quite ready for the full route? Check out the equally inspiring Hatchling – a stepping stone to the full route or a brilliant experience in its own right!

380km through Wales? Is that all in one go?

No ,the Montane Dragon’s Back Race® is a multi-stage race. The distance of 380km is split into six days of running. Every evening there is a new ‘pop-up’ overnight campsite where you will get hearty afternoon snacks, dinner, and breakfast, catch up with fellow participants, have access to the race medics, and crucially get a good night’s sleep in tented accommodation. We transport all your overnight baggage between campsites.

If 380km still seems rather overwhelming, there is also the option to complete the Hatchling. This allows participants to experience the race route in more manageable chunks. It is still an epic mountain challenge, and your achievement will be recognized with a special memento at the finish.

What experience do you need? 

The Dragon’s Back Race is not a vetted event and we are happy to offer entries to anyone who agrees to our participant declaration and the terms and conditions. In summary, you must consider yourself to be an experienced off-road runner, and capable of being self-sufficient and making safe decisions in the Welsh mountains.

Who will the other participants be? 

A wide variety of people run the Montane Dragon’s Back Race®. You will find all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience, plus lots of different nationalities. There will be some very experienced ultra-runners but the majority consider themselves to be ‘normal people’ who are taking part in the spirit of completing the challenge and enjoying the experience, rather than racing for a podium position.

All in all, expect to find a very friendly and supportive atmosphere in camp. Lots of participants end up running large sections of the route together, in the process making great friends for life!

The race of legends

The Montane Dragon’s Back Race® route is inspired by that of the 1992 race, in which the inaugural Dragons tackled Wales’ uniquely wild, trackless, and remote mountainous terrain.

Today, it is considered to be the toughest mountain race in the world. Participants underestimate it at their peril! Be under no illusion, this is not a ‘trail race’.

The Hatchling

Completing even half of the full race route is an incredible achievement in itself and we want to officially welcome and recognize those participants who do so; a Montane Dragon’s Back Race® ‘lite’ if you will.


Sep 04 - 09 2023


7:00 AM - 10:00 PM




Ysgol Porth Y Felin, Conwy, UK
Ysgol Porth-y-Felin, Llanrwst Road, Conwy, UK
Montane Dragon's Back Race


Montane Dragon's Back Race
+44 1539 760173

The world's toughest mountain race - An incredible (380km, 17,400m) journey down the mountainous spine of Wales - Supported by @MontaneUK 💪 🐉 🔥

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