The 100 Human Experience


Jun 09 - 11 2023

The 100 Human Experience


When: 9-11th June 2023, gates open 5pm on Friday evening, closing ceremony at 4pm on Sunday
Where: 42Acres, Frome, Somerset, BA11 5HL

Join us and experience empowering practices and feel what it is to be one of the one hundred…

The 100 Human Experience is your route to ‘rewilding’ yourself back to your natural, healthy, consciously connected state. We will be providing you with potent practices for you to bring positive changes towards your health and wellbeing. Through breathwork, movement, play, voice awakening, ecstatic dance, ice baths, fire and drumming ceremonies and high vibrational healing cacao ceremonies, we’ll show you how to connect with your innate, wild nature, to build resilience and the strength of mind to welcome in the wild, connected and empowered version of you.

It’s time for you to see that you are one powerful human being who has everything you need within you to change your current state of mind and start to thrive NOT just survive.

During the event:·

  • Sensory Awakening Practices

  • Nature Immersion

  • Breath work & fire

  • Wild Swim Rise

  • Movement + Mobility + Play

  • Diverse Breathing Modalities

  • Group Ice Baths (ICE Drums Fire)

  • Inspiring Talks

  • Voice Awakening Practices

  • Fire And Drumming Ceremony

  • Music

  • Ecstatic Dance

  • Cacao Ceremonies

  • Bell tent Accomodation or book a room in the 42 Acres Retreat house (extra fee for in house accommodation)

  • All hot drinks and deliciously wild and organic meals are included


Move – Mobilise – Play:
Through movement, mobility and play we will nourish our mind-body loop to radically connect with our natural vibrations inside and out, experience higher states of being and raise our collective frequency.

With just a little Move Mobilise and Play-hydration, years’ worth of conditioning unravels, people vault right over the socially constructed walls they have built up around themselves, the flow rushes forth and those previously inhibited independent individuals take the first steps to merge together and operate as one. Through it, we can stimulate and reboot our senses, rewire neural pathways, make new connections and interactions and soon develop a collective imagination with our 100 Human Tribe. This Move Mobility Play segment not only fulfils our fundamental need to move and for human connection and wakes up our happy hormones, but facilitates the kind of communal problem solving, mutual support and teamwork that enables us to lose ourselves in something larger than our own. And once those play gates are open, once the inhibiting doors of judgement are off, we find that we want to play more and more….

Conscious Connected Breath:
Through a blend of powerful breathing modalities, we will create an experience of deep presence and empowering self-awareness, that allows for a much deeper connection to true self.  We will be unscrewing the intellectual lid and opening up the portal to the unconscious world.

The breathing modalities will flow beautifully, creating the space for you to receive intuitive nudges and insights into who you really are, beneath the façade. You’ll be flying high on your own supply and diving deep down into belly-raw emotions, unravelling negative emotions, releasing energetic blockades, and rebooting your mind, body and soul.

Ice Bath:
Ice baths have become somewhat of a modern-day rite of passage, through which we are seeing huge waves of people having awakenings. Experiences like these help us see beyond our limitations, and what has been normalised. If your individual consciousness changes then your reality changes.

Consider the Ice bath as a micro hit of adversity, you will learn the transferable skills of how to master your breath and mindset to face the (perceived threat) ice bath challenge. You will learn to use cold adaptation techniques to improve focus, reduce stress, enhance mental and physical performance, boost the immune system and most importantly discover that at your core you are one powerful human being who has everything within you to change your current state of mind.

Voice Awakening:
Singing and making sound is one of the most natural and instinctive things humans can do. Working with our voices can open us up to new levels of self-expression, self-understanding and unbounded depths of creativity, whilst balancing the vital wellbeing of the body and mind. Yes, all of that just with your voice!

Through a mixture of meditative sound practices, expressive voice play and song, we will incorporate awareness of breath, body and mindstuff, whilst exploring our connection to ourselves and others. Absolutely no prior experience necessary!

Cacao Ceremony:
“The potency of a Cacao Ceremony comes from clear intention, meaningful group connection, and the willingness of the seeker to join Mother Cacao in a deep personal journey.” – Jeff Lester

Plants are medicine. The indigenous cultures understand and hold intimate relationships with Mother Earth and the plants she grows. Ceremonial Cacao is a “power plant medicine” used for opening our heart chakra. It is common to experience love and elevated emotions in great depth. In the ceremony, we open the space by honouring the cardinal directions; asking for support and guidance to embark on an individual and collective journey. You can expect any, or all of the following: intention setting, singing, dancing, meditation, lots of feels and beautiful vibes.

Ecstatic Dance:
Imagine jumping, howling, beating one’s chest, going for it with syncopated, heart-led dancing to the rhythm of drums, let’s throw in a fire for good measure and BAM! you have everything you need, everything we used to have as a species, to access heightened states. Now imagine the absolute energy force of collective emotion generated by this uninhibited fun being expressed en masse.

Connect to the rhythms of your heart, release the body, free the mind and awaken the soul in this freestyle conscious dance journey.

No shoes, no drugs or alcohol, no distractions and no judgment, this is a space to embrace “all ways of free-form dance” and fully express your truest nature without limits, to reach moments of pure liberation and ecstatic highs through movement and music.


Fire Ceremony:
The fire pit provides the perfect holding place for integration and the potent transformational practices to unravel.  This is a place for our collective connection, reconnection and the sharing of our individual and collective experience. The fire provides the space to let go, to reinvent, to simply settle, be warmed and be.  Through fire ceremony, the stage is set to honour and integrate the lessons learnt.  Fire ceremony is a timeless tradition. We like to think of the fire as a portal, an opportunity to sit with our ancestors, to tune in, appreciate, be grateful and share our story.

We will experience and explore through a mixture of fire, breath, dance, song, drumming practice, and intention setting.

Meet Your Coaches

Tony Riddle

As an ultra-endurance athlete and expert Natural Lifestyle Coach, Tony hosts retreats, workshops, and works 1-2-1 with clients helping them to look inwards and reconnect with their natural selves.   He has spent the past 20 years developing and refining a robust way of life based on the principles of a natural lifestyle. A gifted coach and communicator, Riddle has taught the Philosophy to thousands of people worldwide, through talks, workshops, retreats, social media and the NatLifeTribe, an international subscriber-based community.

Tony has been featured extensively in the press from The Times, Style Magazine, Guardian, Psychologies Magazine, The Daily Telegraph, Telegraph Magazine, New York Times, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Runners World, Red Bull, The Guardian, Evening Standard, The Metro and appeared on BBC Breakfast, Sky News, The Rich Roll Podcast, Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s Feel Better Live More Podcast and many others.   He has appeared at wellness festivals across the UK and Europe, is a VIP ambassador for Vivo Barefoot and regarded as a trailblazer for challenging what’s humanly possible within the field of barefoot running and endurance.

Kate discovered yoga and voice practices early on in life and can’t imagine how she’d have survived without them! Now a professional musician, holistic voice coach and yoga teacher, she feels lucky to be sharing things she wholeheartedly believes support a freer, more joyful human existence.

With training and teaching experience in various strands of yoga asana and philosophy, meridian theory, sound therapy and mindfulness, as well as postgraduate training in voice from the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, Kate has learned from and worked with many wise and wonderful souls. She leads classes, retreats and workshops internationally as well as working with clients one-to-one on practices of body, mind, spirit and voice.   Kate’s practices work to gently and playfully release blockages in self-expression. By providing tools to support and empower both our sound-making and capacity for self-listening, we can explore and ease tensions in the body and voice, free ourselves of old patterns and inhibitions, boost our confidence, cultivate compassion and communication skills, and have an awful lot of fun.

Chris Geisler

Chris is a dynamic human who infuses his multi-passionate lifestyle with a deep exploration of what makes us human. From teaching Yoga to hosting his own Podcast & leading a local Men’s group he encourages human connection, adventure and play. Music has always had deep purpose in all areas of Chris’s life and work, as it serves to profoundly impact and enhance our experience. When DJing Ecstatic Dance he bridges movement and music to harmonise the body and mind.

Nina Bubamara

Nina is a creative director, self inquiry coach and a dot connecting ladybird. Ever since she was a child she has been in tune with the multi-dimensional nature of life and deeply curious about what makes us all so unique. She formed a movement called ‘i am circle’ where she holds space for like-minded, heart led, soul seekers to unite in self-inquiry and self leadership. She discovered the power of ecstatic dance as a portal to connect to her inner child and awaken her free spirit. Now she holds space for others to do the same and journey through body, sound and soul.

Jeff is a student and teacher of yoga and any practice that expands the human consciousness.

Originally from Atlanta Ga, USA, Jeff has explored the world studying and training extensively in practices ranging from yoga and meditation to shamanic ceremonial traditions. He has assimilated a catalogue of impactful life tools that bring people together with high vibes and deep connection to life.

Jeff facilitates workshops and trainings that inspire, empower and connect students to their inner journey and personal transformation. His brand, Jefe Living, sparks community around meditation and coaching to support individuals in their journey and transformational process.

Jeff has worked with “Mother Cacao” for several years, guiding dozens of ceremonies for communities all around the world.

When: 9-11th June 2023, gates open 5pm on Friday evening, closing ceremony at 4pm on Sunday
Where: 42Acres, Frome, Somerset, BA11 5HL
Price: £325 includes the experience, all meals (all dietary requirements catered for) and a place in a 4 person bell tent. Limited in-house accommodation at 42Acres is available at an extra cost, please contact 42 Acres directly to arrange accommodation.


Jun 09 - 11 2023


All Day




42 Acres
Witham Friary, Frome, Somerset BA11 5HL, UK
Tony Riddle


Tony Riddle

“We can’t all live in nature, but that doesn’t mean we can’t live naturally.”

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