Xtreme Character Challenge Queensland, Aus


Mar 23 - 26 2023

Xtreme Character Challenge Queensland, Aus

An XCC is a mind, body and soul adventure – an active and challenging endurance event for men, out in the wild. The XCC is set up like one endless day; for 72 hours men are confronted with significant physical challenges, deep camaraderie and profound moments of moral and spiritual input. Through the XCC process men find perspective; they evaluate who they are and they find a purpose worth living for.

Join us in the Scenic Rim, March 2023 for an XCC – an active and challenging endurance event for men, out in the wild.

This XCC provides an opportunity to “Search and Discover”.

XCC is designed for men looking for answers and a Mind, Body and Soul adventure that only an XCC can offer. Bring your issues, your life, your boots, your struggles, your successes; bring yourself.

Sponsorship assistance is available for leaders who are faced with financial barriers when assembling their teams.
Please email 4maus.office@gmail.com.

Xtreme Character Challenge

XCC is physically demanding. The journey is based in wilderness locations where you will need to carry all the equipment you need to survive. There are no cars, no rides, no lifts. Your feet will move you from place to place. Some say it is the hardest thing they have ever done, others don’t agree.

You have to be ready to think big. To open your mind and soul. There are moral challenges and also spiritual challenges. This is not an expedition for quitters: come determined to press on. This is an adventure like no other.

There is more to life than you think
The XCC has been specially developed for men who are looking for answers to the big questions of life. Throughout the adventure you will explore and discover what it means to be a man in this modern world.

Come with everything you have: with your failure and your success, with your thinking and your doing, with your heart and your hands, your smile and your tears: come as yourself.

Teams become brothers
You operate in teams of eight men. You can compose this team yourself or you can register individually, then we will classify you. Your team will become your brothers, so if you don’t have anyone to come along with COME ANYWAY, you will have brothers when you leave.

If you want to participate as a complete team, each person must register separately using the form below.



Mar 23 - 26 2023


All Day




Scenic Rim, Australia
Scenic Rim Region
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